Information about genetic DNA testing

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Due to the advances in scientific knowledge in recent years, genetic or DNA testing has recently been through major developments. With the passage of time, the need and requirement of paternity testing and several other kinds of genetic testing Dubai during pregnancy and even forensic investigations has definitely seen a major increase.


There are many different reasons for which genetic testing is being used these days. First of all, it is used to conduct paternity test meant to help verify who the father of a particular child is. There are instances in life when a woman is not sure as to who the biological father of a child is. Apart from creating trouble between a couple, this particular issue can also have legal as well as financial implications as it would not be known who would be responsible for the child’s finances as he grows up. With the help of genetic testing, it will be possible to collect a sample of the child’s, mother’s and father’s DNA. These samples are then compared with each other at varying points. If truth be told, this particular means of determining paternity happens to be very accurate and the best part is that it is completely painless. This is because a DNA sample can easily be acquired by a swab of the cheek.


You can even make use of genetic testing as a means of creating a family tree and to verify your lineage and family history. If this is your requirement, then your Y chromosomes are going to be compared to others. This is because the Y chromosome is one that does not go through any changes in any of the generations. This is basically going to help the testers establish your ancestral lineage.


Another reason for which prenatal genetic testing can be used is that of discovering whether an unborn baby is suffering from any diseases or health related issues. Conducting this testing is basically going to help you decide as to what is right for your child in case it is found that the baby that is developing within the womb has an abnormality in his or her DNA. On the whole, there are many different reasons for which DNA genetic testing is being performed these days. All of these uses come with their very own benefits and you can read more about them to see the many other reasons behind their conduction in the world today.