6 Reasons Why You Need To Ditch Meeting on Your Office Conference Room

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Some business owners think that renting a meeting place is just additional cost as opposed to using their own office conference. On the financial aspect, it is true that you can save money from renting. But the advantages of setting the meeting offsite outweighs the cost paid for renting. Here are the reasons why you need to reconsider offsite meetings:

  1. Face-to-face interaction

With the rise of office technology, employees often communicated through emails, chat platforms, and other digital means. This can be a good thing in terms of streamlining process, especially in terms of communication. However, meeting the person face-to-face tells another story. Physical interaction is crucial, especially when matters being discussed needs more understanding. In a meeting, you can see a lot of non-verbal actions and cues that can help you decide on your next move. A simple hand gesture can mean a lot so make sure you notice that.

  1. Promotes productivity

When you set your meeting in the office, you can expect associates interrupting you for a phone call or something “urgent”. This would lend you to lose focus on the subject at hand. When meeting is done outside the office, you will not be bothered by any distractions in the office. No phone calls or urgent matters can distract you. You can focus on the meeting and get the job done. Just be sure to turn off or set your phone (and everyone else’s) on silent mode and give instructions at the office that you don’t want to be disturb.

  1. Break away from office norm

You go to work 5 times a week, 8 hours a day. Every day, you see the same interiors, same office environment, and same furniture. How does that make you feel? The feeling of routine and monotony can crumple your creative juices at work.  This would result to giving the same results to your task. Break the chain of tediousness by hosting the meeting outside the office. There are conference rooms in Abu Dhabi that has outstanding interiors that fosters creative thinking.

  1. Discuss more private matters

Although office meeting rooms are built for privacy, there are instances that sensitive matters being discussed are spread like wildfire in the office. This would compromise the privacy of people involved in the meeting. By setting the meeting outside, you can lessen these instances as there are less people from your office who will hear the conversation. Just be sure to remind the personnel involved in the meeting to keep the details private.

  1. Access to newer technology

Modern offices nowadays are fitted with the latest technology. The difference though with meeting rooms and serviced offices Dubai constantly update their amenities to be able to attract tech clients who are looking for the newest amenities.