Health and Medical

Dubai is widely recognized for its healthcare and medical tourism, as it is constantly developing and offering services that can be compared to some of the most developed countries in the world. It has both public and private healthcare institutions. Public healthcare meets high standards of the healthcare system in the whole UAE. However, for those who are moving to Dubai it is highly recommended to obtain some international health insurance as medical costs can be very high.


One of the special features of UAE health system, in accordance with local traditions, are health services dedicated specially for women. There are many specialty clinics and hospitals that are not only reserved for female patients, but are aiming at having 100% female staff. The latest service that has been recently launched in Dubai is a pink ambulance car. It is a first vehicle dedicated specially for women and children. The service is being in charge of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS), which provides also 24 other services.


This pink ambulance car service is created to assist to birth cases and other emergency cases for women. It will be also available for children from the age of one to 12. All paramedics and drivers of the vehicle are women, who passed special training for various emergency situations and serious injuries. They are capable of providing adequate treatment in the shortest time frame.


The launch of the pink ambulance vehicle is now in the first phase of its use. It means that it will be stationed in Al Twar Municipality Center and cover the local area for 12 hours per day (from 11 am o 11 pm). After the completion of two months of functioning of the pink vehicle this service will face evaluation. First of all, it will be estimated if the location of the vehicle is suitable based on the number of calls received in a particular area. The final goal is of course to provide the service and its benefits to maximum amount of people.


As a pioneer project, the first pink vehicle will serve as a basis for collecting experiences and data, for evaluating advantages and disadvantages of the implemented practice in order to launch other pink response vehicles in different areas of the city. With initiatives like this, Dubai is definitively keeping a tendency of supporting a diversity of medical services and responding to community’s