Tricks To Short list The Top Car Detailing Service


All car lovers want their cars to look the best one on road. It is something that comes naturally to all drivers. But will anything car detailing service will do that for you? Perhaps that is not the case, simply because not all services are equal. Some may have enjoyed an edge over others in terms of service quality and reliability while others may be more affordable. It all comes down to what you want more from your service. Is it affordability, quality, or both? In an ideal world, you would want to have the best combination of all three but that doesn’t happen in the real world.  Here are some tricks that will help you pick the best car detailing Dubai service for your car:

Offered Packages

There are several ways to find a car detailing service. Start by looking at offered packages. Services that offer several detailing packages are likely to provide you more options to choose from. From top to bottom, one of these packages will likely be a perfect fit for your car. In other words, inspecting packages allow to you analyze the versatility and quality of a car detailing service.

Hand Vs Machine

Another telltale sign to identify the best car detailing company is whether they use machine detailing or prefer to do it by hand. Though machines do it much faster and take very little time in detailing, humans ensure that no spot goes out missing and the whole vehicle is properly covered.

What Is Detailer Clay?

Ever heard about detailer clay? If you didn’t, it is a tool that gives your car maximum shine. By attracting all types of contaminants, the tool will provide your car extra protection. In fact, it makes your car so shiny, you might ask the detailer to leave it as it is. However, this tool is meant to be used before applying polish. The detailer will apply the tool gently so that it could collect as much contaminant as possible. The process will be repeated if required just to ensure that the car is prepared for the polish coat.

Always look these features if you are on a hunt for Range Rover service dubai.