4 Important Values That Your Kids Can Learn In After-School Clubs


Some parents like their kids to focus on their academics to refine their skills. But more than excelling in academics, it is important that they learn and practice the right values that will help them to adapt to their environment and face challenges with enthusiasm.

One way to do that is to let your kids attend baby shower packages Abu Dhabi that will help instill the following values in them:

  1. Teamwork and collaboration

In this day and age, people need others to survive and thrive. Without the help of other individuals, it would be hard for them to accomplish things. Hence, it is important that your kid will know how to work with other people. By letting them attend an after school club, you are allowing them to work with other people and build connection to help them widen their horizons. It will teach them to be more confident to deal with people from all walks of life.

  1. Independence

Some parents like to see their kids spread their wings on their own. Apart from letting them do their homework, allowing them to attend an after-school club would help make their kids feel that they can move on their own, with little help from their parents. Let them choose the club that they want to be member of and activities that they want to try. It will help them to be more comfortable in choosing if you don’t hover too much or pressure them into taking something they do not like.

  1. Hard work and perseverance

Being member of an after-school club is not just about doing fun activities. There will be instances when you have to handle tasks assigned to you. Your kid will probably learn a thing or two from these activities. It will test their patience and they will be able to apply their skills and expertise. It will teach them the meaning of hard work and the value of responsibility and accountability.

  1. Empathy

Understanding the predicament of one’s plight is a character that can help your kid to be more compassionate and caring towards others. Joining clubs will enable to develop such skills since he/she will be able to meet people from all walks of life and know their backgrounds, experiences, challenges each one of them are facing. He/she will pass no judgments and learn to look at people at different perspective.

Consult with class facilitators and kid’s birthday organisers in Abu Dhabi about extracurricular activities.