Can fast food affect our brain?


It’s a very rare question that people seem to ask mainly because they don’t think that something which has a tendency to affect your physical body could also affect your brain. Answer to the question is simple, yes. Fast food can have some serious impact on your mood and mind. Here’s how:

  • You are compelled to spend more

According to a survey the households who have a fast food restaurant in the neighbourhood are known to be spending more than those who have to travel far before getting what they desire. When you eat at a fast food restaurant instead of Dubai healthy restaurants and order your favourite dishes you want to spend more on something that truly delights you and makes you happy instead of saving up for later use.

  • Likely to have depression

Whatever you eat does affect your brain. According to a certain research, people who prefer to eat fast food instead of getting healthy food delivery Abu Dhabi are likely to be on the risk of having depression. It is still not clear if fast food triggers certain chemicals in brain to cause depression or if people already suffering from depression subconsciously are more inclined to unhealthy eating. But it is clear that people who eat fast food are depressed in some way or the other.

  • You chew less and eat fast

If you have ever noticed, a fine dining restaurant have a 45 minute customer rule which suggests that customers have to leave the table before time’s up. You may not be aware of this rule but you and every other customer in the restaurant are subconsciously following it. When you place your order, it takes a maximum of 15-25 minutes to reach to your table and when you start eating, certain psychological effects such as loud music, yellow and red interiors and chirping of people around you can make you eat faster than usual. When you eat fast, you are rarely enjoying the food because you mostly swallow it done and consume fewer nutrients and more calories.

Even though fast food may sound like a fast and tasty option but you should give other healthy foods a try for the sake of your health. It can affect your body and mind before you even know it.