font-awesomeThe iconic font designed for Bootstrap
fabricJavascript Canvas Library, SVG-to-Canvas (& canvas-to-SVG) Parser
laconicSane DOM Generation
haml-coffeeHaml templates where you can write inline CoffeeScript.
domreadylet's you know when the dom is ready
html2jadeConverts HTML to Jade template. Not perfect but useful enough for non-daily conversions.
prettydiffCompare code instead of text.
expresslingOpen source node.js + express application framework.
traverstyHeadache-free DOM collection management and traversal
DOMBuilderDOMBuilder takes some of the pain out of dynamically creating HTML content in JavaScript and supports generating multiple types of output from the same inputs.
thunderA lightning fast template parser for node.js
entEncode and decode HTML entities
dhtDHT implementation (
hatGenerate random IDs and avoid collisions.
cucumber-htmlCross platform HTML formatter for all implementations of Cucumber
dagronEnder interface to HTML5 drag and drop
bleachA minimalistic HTML sanitizer for node.js
html2coffeekupConverts HTML to Coffeekup markup
html2coffeekup-balConverts HTML to Coffeekup markup
express-cachebusterProvides cross-browser version-control/cache-busting as a dynamic view helper in express.
beaconpushnode.js client for Beaconpush (a cloud hosted service for browser push messaging with Web Sockets and Comet)
nquerySizzle powered CSS selectors for libxmljs
bloSimple blogging system for HTML lovers
markdown-wikiA Bidirectional WikiText to Markdown converter.
ender-swigSwig module for Ender
html-sourceryA code-as-data take on HTML templating libraries, meant for both NodeJS and the browser.
pubjsA node.js templating language with arbitrary nesting
htmlKompressorNode.js based html compressor, can also strip comments.
mercuryA fully featured HTML5 WYSIWYG editor written in CoffeeScript
sake[S]cripted-r[ake] -- a JavaScript build tool similar to rake, or make.
stubbyA configurable server for mocking/stubbing external systems during development.
extractcontentUtility for extracting title and main contents from an HTML text.
jsgrepUsing JQuery perform CSS queries on websites from the command line
astarA* Search / Pathfinding Algorithm in Javascript
docdownA nodejs based command-line tool to convert Markdown to Html
osrandomProvide access to operating system sources of randomness
rondoDOM library and app framework.
wikybidirectional wikitext markup converter
brushes.jsBrush objects for HTML5 canvas 2d context
maiNode module for sending text e-mail, and managing email templates build on emailjs and ejs
DOM-jsWebsites with the DOM & Node
gcw2htmlA simple command-line utility to convert Google Code wiki markup to HTML using wikiwm, a JavaScript Google Code wiki library.
modestCreate HTML modules (building blocks) that look like new HTML tags. Use modules to form other modules. Easily pass parameters from multiple sources to modules and inner modules. Use as a drop-in templating language to any web framework.
newNodeJS shell script using initializr/html5boilerplate API to quickly generate project setups.
escescapes HTML
express-outdatedhtmlReplaces HTML5-element-names with proven old ones, on-the-fly during view render, to reach IE compatibility.
foss-creditsJSON --> FOSS credits HTML
jkweryA jQuery command-line for node.js based on query
tboneTBone is an small JavaScript library for generating valid HTML. It is based on an article by Jason Grosman, "Behind the Code: Avoiding Spaghetti".
domlSimple DOM constructor
edmondSimple JavaScript router for web applications
nppHTML preprocessing in javascript using node.js
quasiTiny traversal and manipulation utility with jQuery-subset API
randRandom Utilities
ruby-hamlRender Ruby's version of Haml from Node.js - Ruby Haml is Perfect
wikiwymA commonjs module wrapper around wikiwym: A simple WYSIWYM Google Code wiki syntax helper
perkinsCommand Line Helper for Fast Web Design & Development