Debugging And Console Utilities26

node-inspectorWeb Inspector based nodeJS debugger
spineLightweight MVC library for building JavaScript applications
ndbThe node.js debugger
longjohnLong stack traces for node.js inspired by
shellNice looking shell applications with pluggable middlewares for Node.js
completeDoes your Node.js command line program have lots of arguments? Add custom tab completion!
lookPerformance profiler based on nodetime
ainSyslog logging for node.js
argparseCLI arguments parser for node.js. JS port of python's argparse module.
node-logentriesNode module for
node-loggingSimple colorized logging for Node.js with request logger Express middleware
webreplServe a repl for a node process via a simple web console
replicaRepl to exec JavaScript code on browsers
strackProject/bug tracking system
profilejsV8 profiling for Express framework
ctxobjObjects with immutable context, especially good for contextual logging
cursorycompute the relative cursor position on a terminal stream
styoutSimple logging using sty
consolemarkRender colorful text in console screen.
consoleevented I/O for v8 javascript
culoarecolours for the console of node.js - moar fancy!
flyUse mustard instead
jheri-curlA node.js front-end on top of cURL.
kahve-ansiEasy-mode ANSI control codes.
kahve-progressSimple CoffeeScript progress meter for console output.