CSS Engines35

qwery-mobilea compact, blazing fast CSS selector engine
bonzolibrary agnostic, extensible DOM utility
morpheusA Brilliant Animator
clean-cssA well tested node.js CSS minifier.
buildrThe (Java|Coffee)Script and (CSS|Less) (Builder|Bundler|Packer|Minifier|Merger|Checker)
nwmatcherFast Javascript CSS Selector Engine and Matcher
ccssCoffeeScript CSS
combohandlerA simple Yahoo!-style combo handler in Node.js.
napCompile, manage, & package stylesheets, javascripts, and javascript templates for node.js
assets-packagerNode.js-based tool for fast CSS and JavaScript packaging.
enhance-cssNode.js library for enhancing CSS files with assets embedding (Base64), assets hosts, etc.
zest-jsAn absurdly fast CSS selector engine.
emileemile.js is a no-thrills stand-alone CSS animation JavaScript framework, named after Émile Cohl, early animator.
lesslesscompile your project's LESS into CSS and update <links>
CSSselecta CSS selector compiler/engine
nutThe concise CSS selector engine
stylelessYet another alternative to CSS, with variables, functions, mixins. But now it's all js.
ckupMarkup as Coco
css2jsonConvert style sheets to json
sake[S]cripted-r[ake] -- a JavaScript build tool similar to rake, or make.
csslikeA CSS preprocessor for node.js, designed to conform to the most recent www-style proposals.
stylus-imagesImage linking utilities for Stylus
assets-expanderExpand assets graph defined in YAML file into a flat list.
formatdatea little bit more than just strftime
masherNode asset manager
lessupLessup yer node app. Auto-compile less, generate less.
mobilizeMobilize is a website optimization server.
moreLESS is More!
lonely-stylesA node.js app to find all unused css selectors on a page
ncssCSS stream compressor
monolithNode.js module to aggregate CSS, JavaScript and images for inlining them into a single HTML document. Helpful for high-performance HTML apps.
nagariHardcore style guide
style-compileCompile newschool styles into oldschool files